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IRC North America Update – Moving to San Diego

Dear Friends,


After five and a half wonderful years of ministry in Simi Valley, Ventura County, California and beyond, the Lord is leading me back to San Diego. This actually began almost 9 months ago when, on New Years Day, I prayed this simple prayer:

“Lord, I want to see you; I want to hear your voice like never before; I desire to be filled with and led by your Holy Spirit in unprecedented ways; I’m desperate to encounter Heaven and sit with You on Your Throne; I long to enter into a level of intimacy with you and anointing from you so that I might more effectively minister your Grace, Truth, Love, Life and Healing to our world that is so desperately needy.”

I called it my New Years “Revolution,” and it has turned out to be more of a “revolution” than I could have ever anticipated. It’s quite easy to pray such a prayer but a very different thing, much more challenging, to attempt to live that out day by day—to increasingly eliminate distractions, to sharpen our focus on Jesus, to do what is necessary from my/our side—that truly give Father permission, what he needs from me/us, to answer that prayer.

I felt increasingly pulled away from many of the ministries/initiatives I had been involved with to “just” spend time with the Jesus. The Simi Valley Prayer Awakening that I launched in May 2012 died a natural death in September 2013 after a year and a half. The desire and recognition of the need for corporate prayer for our City and World is there but demands on Pastors’ time and conflicting Church schedules made it difficult to organize and continue. I have a deep sense that the Lord will resurrect this in His time.

Chazon & Deep End, the Messianic Church plant & Bible Study I’ve been a key part of for over four years came to an end in May 2014. Though richly blessed, Shawn & Val Moir were never able to achieve the level of financial support & stability to sustain them. Shawn was able to complete his studies for a D Min at Kings Seminary (at age 31, an amazing achievement) and also translated the Book of Ezekiel for the Tree of Life Bible, a Messianic Bible—which has just been released, during his tenure at Chazon. Earlier this year they received an invitation from Baruch HaShem Congregationin Dallas Texas, one of the largest Messianic Congregations in the US, to be Director of Worship & Education, which they accepted. It was a good season and wonderful experience. We’ve all been mutually taught, strengthened and encouraged for the ongoing work of the Kingdom. The vision to plant a Messianic Congregation in SV was an initiative of Church of the Living Christ and, in time, we believe this too will find new life, leadership and expression.

At the end of July I was notified by my apartment complex that my lease was coming due for renewal. The rent has gone from $1150 to over $1400 a month for a 1BR apartment in the 5+ years I’ve lived here. Over the past couple years Rachelle has asked me to consider moving back to San Diego to be closer and more of a “hands on” Opa to Kai who is now six and a half and just started First Grade. These factors together put the decision regarding my future and where to live on the front burner. After much intense prayer and consulting with family and trusted friends, my future pointed increasingly toward San Diego, prompting this move.

The work I do as North American Coordinator of the International Reconciliation Coalition is not “location” specific and can be accomplished from anywhere in the country. Also, I’ve lived in San Diego for a number of years previously and have a wonderful network of friends, churches, organizations and ministries that I’ve worked with over the years.

Last week I told a friend that I felt like I was “in the birth canal!” Actually, I don’t really know what that feels like and can’t remember the first time. LOL Then I realized that it has been almost 9 months since that prayer on January 1st. I have a sense that God is birthing me and the IRCNA into a whole new level of ministry, intimacy, anointing and effectiveness. I recently accepted the invitation to become the Director of Student Development for our “online” International School of Reconciliation Studies, launched back in 2004. The ISOS disciples, trains, mentors, networks and releases students into many areas of  Reconciliation Ministry & Initiatives all over the world. More about that in my next letter.

So, like the Israelites in the wilderness,  I find myself at the banks of the proverbial Jordan River and the river is at flood stage. I have 30 days to move; I don’t yet have a place to live in San Diego; I need $3500 for rent, deposit, moving expenses, and additional ministry and administrative demands. Like the Israelites at the Jordan, the ONLY way I can get from Here to There is through the Miraculous Power & Provision of God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit!

Can I ask you to:

  • Pray for me and this very unexpected & rapid transition and all the needs and challenges it represents.
  • Pray for all those I’ve worked with in Simi Valley & Ventura County over the past 5+ years. I convene a Regional Gathering to support John & Julie Dawson 6 times a years so plan to be back here frequently, as the Lord leads and provides.
  • Consider making a contribution to assist me at this time.

Yours, In His Shalom,


Ron Archer
North American Coordinator
International Reconciliation Coalition
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