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IRC North America Update ~ Jan-Mar, 2013

Dear Family & Friends,

Early Sunday morning, March 24-27, I fly to Kansas City to participate in the Transform World 2020—IHOP KC (International House of Prayer) 70 hour Prayer Summit. This is a follow-on to the Global Challenges Summit I attended in Bali, Indonesia in November. There is a growing convergence of leaders, denominations, churches, organizations and ministries refining our focus, giving us new lenses to see the lost and needy in our world through the eyes of Jesus and working together to address these needs through the atoning work of Christ.

Between Bali and Kansas city there has been and ongoing exchange of prayer, emails, sharing documents, numerous conference calls—for Transform Los Angeles, Transform California, Transform USA, and the Global Celebration Challenge. Today’s technology is helping us connect, communicate and pray together in real time. What a privilege to meet so many of God’s precious saints around the world. We are living in a “set time” of God’s Purposes being accomplished on planet earth.

The 7 year Transform World initiative is focused on the Seven Spheres of Society: Family, Arts, Media, Church, Government, Business and Education. Then the additional lens of the Seven Global ChallengesCelebration Challenge—houses of worship and prayer being established in every nation, state/province and city to have a “prayed for” world; Ideological Challenge—focused primarily on Islam, the religion of the majority of “unreached peoples” remaining to receive the Gospel of Jesus; Missional Challenge—completing the Great Commission; Orphan Challenge—hundreds of thousands of children who have no parents or no place to call “home”; Justice ChallengePoverty Challenge and Family Challenge. additional we’ll be praying through the 10 Regions of the World and conclude by praying for Israel, the Middle East and the Back to Jerusalem Movement. It’s 70 hours of non-stop worship, various speakers and presenters, prophetic intercession and listening to Jesus’ voice.

We’ll also be praying for the 4-14 Generation—children between these ages are most open and receptive to the Gospel, Gen Y—those between 15-35 who feel alienated from God and the Church, yet whom is God is raising up for a new wave of revival and awakening. I met a young Egyptian leader in Indonesia who has been leading Concerts of Worship & Intercession in Egypt with as many as 10,000 in attendance. There is a major move of Worship, Prayer & Evangelism taking place on an increasing numbers of University, College and School campuses throughout the US as well. Hundreds are coming and many young people are turning away for the empty philosophy of Secular Progressive Ideologies and Political Correctness to the Ancient Truths of the Gospel in Jesus Christ. PTL!

This event is being live-streamed so you too can host a prayer gathering at your home, church, business, school, etc for at least 2 hours of live connection with those gathered at IHOP KC?  We are praying for 100,000 local prayer sites that would gather millions of praying brothers and sisters world-wide interceding.  Please visit to become a gathering host and for the complete schedule (in Central time).

Some of the Global servant leaders who are uniting, endorsing and joining us for prayer & presentations include: Luis Bush, Safwat El Bayadi, Pastor Moheb, Loren Cunningham, Gerard Long, Ezra Jin Mingri, Cindy Jacobs, Dallas Willard, Stephen McDowell, Ricardo Arias, Nam Soo Kim, George Otis Jr, David Ferguson, Daniel Pandji, Paul Eshleman, Mike Bickle, Billy Wilson, Mark Anderson, Dick Eastman, Steve Douglass, Iman Santoso, Sang Bok David Kim, Paul Cedar, John Robb, Jim Liske, Josh McDowell.

I invite you to pray for us and with us during this Global Prayer Summit:

¨ Travel Protection, Financial Provision & Connections

¨ Unity, Favor & Anointing of the Holy Spirit

¨ That this gathering will continue to inform us, unite us and accelerate Christ’s Kingdom around the world.

There’s also a LOT happening in Simi Valley, Ventura County and California that I’ll share in my next update right after the Prayer Summit.

¨ March 28th—Kai’s 5th Birthday in San Diego

¨ March 30—Chazon Passover Seder @ Church of the Living Christ, Simi Valley

¨ April 1—Gathering of former YWAM Belgium Staff in San Diego—JP & Heddy de Visser transiting from Belgium

¨ April 26, 27—Building another Altar to the Lord on 2nd Passover in Alamo & Berkeley CA

¨ May 19—Global Day of Prayer

¨ June 22, 23—One in Messiah @ Church of the Living Christ, Simi Valley

¨ October 13—YWAM Belgium Celebrating 30 years in October. We moved to Brussels on July 1, 1983. Time flies!

On a Personal Note: On January 9th I turned 70, officially becoming and “elderly person.” LOL I drove to San Diego on my B’day, then the next morning day Rachelle and I drove to Las Cruses, NM to pick up Kai who had spent Christmas and New Year with his dad. It was special to spend extended time with my beautiful daughter and then with Kai on our way back. Aaron moved from SD to Las Cruses last July which has been pretty difficult for Kai and has added extra responsibility to Rachelle.  I love being with them and helping any way I can.

In a recent newsletter I share some of the financial and vehicle obstacles that were challenging my faith. God has been so faithful and his people so generous. A brother called to ask if I’d been able to get tires for my car, which I hadn’t. He asked me to meet him at a local tire shop and bought a new set for me—almost $500. There were other generous—and some unexpected contributions—which helped pay the rent, stock the cupboards and have some extra for Christmas gifts ministry needs. I am SO grateful, Thank You!

One challenge remains: late last year my car overheated several times. We replaced the water pump, fan relays, thermostat, a bypass hose and it seemed all was OK. I drove to Fresno, then later to Maricopa, then to SD & back on my B’day. In late January it overheated again and has continued to get worse. It seems I have a leaky or blown head gasket, serious repairs. I’ve received a couple of “very substantial” gifts to help cover this, depending on what they discover when they do surgery on the engine. It has been running well so hoping it’s nothing more serious. Repairs begin this Thursday and hopefully it will be all better when I return from KC. Again, I’m so thankful for the Generosity of God’s people!

The last 2-3 months have been a time of deep reflection, spending extended times in pray and the Word as God increases my faith and prepares me for future ministry. Thank you so much for your part in that—for your prayers, partnership and encouragement.

Yours for a Transformed World,

Ron Archer
North American Coordinator
International Reconciliation Coalition
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