IRC North America September-October Update

In my last Update I mentioned several upcoming events and asked for your prayer. I’ll begin with two that still loom on the horizon, starting next week, then finish with a  report on those now completed. Your prayers have been answered in a BIG way!

Reconciliation on the REZ

International School of Reconciliation Studies Residency – October 31-November 3 : Our Reconciliation team will be hosting a group of National & International Participants (Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, Arizona & California) on the Torres Martinez Reservation near Indio CA. This is our 9th Residency and the FIRST time hosting one of these events on a Native American Reservation. We’re partnering with a number of outstanding NA Leaders and are praying for a major breakthrough and release for the First Nations Peoples. Reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples of North America remains the most critical Reconciliation Issue we face. We would really appreciate your prayer!

Transform World Global Challenges Summit – November 6-10 Bali, Indonesia : I first became aware of this “Invitation Only” Global Initiative back in May and began to assist Fred & Susan Rowe, Facilitators of the Celebration Challenge, connect with other prayer & reconciliation leaders around the world! As we talked and prayed together they had an increasing sense that I needed to go—to represent the Reconciliation DNA & Message into this process. I felt I was to go from the start but didn’t know how God would make that happen. At our recent  Feast of Tabernacles Gathering in Mariposa CA they presented this to those gathered and asked them to give. This was a total surprise and I’ve been  overwhelmed by God’s affirmation and the generosity of this relatively small group. The offering was sufficient to cover my registration, air fare, hotel & meals. God is SO Good. I’ll be flying out on November 4th and returning on the 10th.

Here’s a brief description from their website: We have identified seven challenges that we will  respond to in the grace and wisdom of God in seven spheres or domains of cultural influence in ten geographic regions of the world through three generations, including the 4/14 Window, Gen Y/Millennials. We are looking through four lenses as though looking at Transform World Vision 2020 through Quadrifocal glasses.

The Seven Challenges
Ideological Challenge:  Issues surrounding Islamic fundamentalism.
Family Challenge:  Focus on Christian Marriage and family.
Orphan Challenge:  Focus on the care of orphans.
Poverty Challenge:  Reviewing poverty lines globally and availability of reaching needs among the poorest communities in our world.
Human Rights Challenge:  Restoring and promoting human rights against governmental and non-governmental actors that violate and are contrary to human dignity.
Christ’s Mission Challenge:  Reaching un-reached people groups.
Celebration Challenge:  Identifying, connecting, and encouraging 24/7 houses of prayer and praise in every nation.

ONCE AGAIN I/We really covet your prayer covering!!

Somehow God has graced me with the ability to walk with and among very diverse groups of people over the years. My life and ministry have been incredibly enriched by all the different people, groups, ministries and movements and I feel privileged to be used by the Holy Spirit to network people, help “tie knots” in this great Last Days Harvest NET that will catch and disciple thousands of people that will turn to Jesus in these increasingly difficult and challenging times. Your prayers and partnership are so important in making this possible. Here’s what’s been going on the past 5 weeks.

Simi Valley City Church Prayer Awakening—First Sunday of Each Month continues to grow and spread throughout our community. We’re getting to know each other better, friendships and trust are growing as are intimacy and power in prayer. We’ve now met in four different churches/ministries in 6 months and the feedback we’re getting is very positive and encouraging. Our next, 7th month, gathering will be at Victory Outreach SV on November 4th @ 6:30 PM. Join us if you’re in the area. From there I head to LAX to fly to Bali, Indonesia—that’s a pretty good sendoff!

Santa Paula Prayer Walk: Last Tuesday, October 16th, we completed our 9 months Prayer Walking every street, home, school, church, business, government institution in Santa Paula. I have personally been so blessed each month as we have met for worship & prayer before heading out to the streets.  Getting to know the Pastors, Leaders and many people as well as walking their community with them has endeared our hearts to each other and increased our Vision & Passion for our Cities and County. Now the SP Churches are asking: What’s next Lord?

Pray California

Pray California – September 21-22 in Fresno: This is an “Umbrella” networking organization in CA that gathers Pastors, Churches, Leaders, Educators/Home School Movement, Media people, Marketplace people, Prayer Groups, Houses of Prayer, City Reaching Efforts—people of all stripes and colors. It was great to see many old colleagues as well as meet many for the first time.  Our PASSION is to see California, one of the most influential States in the Union, turn to Jesus and reclaim our place as one of the greatest “World Impacting” States. The central valley of CA is said to be the most fertile soil in the world and we’ve exported more of just about everything all over the world. Hollywood and the Movie Industry has had an enormous impact on the world and many were there that have vision, plans and strategies to see that turned to the Glory of God. More global-impacting ministries have begun in CA than just about any other place on the planet—The Azusa Street Revival, Aimee Simple McPherson/The Foursquare Church, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth With A Mission, Billy Graham Crusades, Focus on the Family, Calvary Chapel/Chuck Smith, the Jesus Movement, The Vineyard Church/John Wimber, Trinity Broadcasting, U.S. Center for World Missions, Saddleback Church/Rick Warren, and there are many more.

Fall Feast of Tabernacles – October 4-6 in Mariposa: In some ways this was a continuation of Pray California—just a slight difference in focus, people and application. The fellowship was rich; the presence of the Lord was palpable; the Word of the Lord was Powerful. The Vision is to see Altars of Praise, Worship & Prayer established throughout the State; to see Houses of Prayer raised up in every County & City; and to see these networked for greater communication and collaboration and to see Revival & Awakening come to our State. I believe we took significant steps toward those goals.

Once again I want to thank you for your partnership, prayer and support! My plate is pretty full but the Lord is faithful and totally adequate to walk with us and meet all our needs. Can I ask you to continue to pray for Financial Support for this ministry? Your prayers DO make a big difference!

Yours in His Amazing Grace,

Ron Archer
North American Coordinator
International Reconciliation Coalition
To Contribute to this Ministry – Send a Check or an Online Bank Transfer to:
IRC North America
P.O. Box 941749
Simi Valley, CA 93094-1749
Memo: North America

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