IRC North America June-July Update

“Then a new king, who did not know about Joseph, came to power in Egypt.” Exodus 1:8

“After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers,another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel.” Judges 2:10

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

In recent weeks of bible reading these scriptures have kind of jumped out at me and, I feel, represent part of our challenge in trying to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our modern world. Joseph, a type of Christ, is a young Hebrew sold into Egyptian slavery by his own brothers. Joseph survives intense jealousy from his brothers, false accusation from Potiphar’s wife, false imprisonment, being forgotten by Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker to ultimately rise to the second highest position in the land to save not only his own family—those who had sold him into slavery, but Egypt as well. This miraculous story of grace and salvation is quickly forgotten by the Egyptians who end up enslaving Joseph’s family, exploiting and persecuting them. It takes 430 years for the Israelites to finally escape by the hands of Moses and Aaron and the demonstration of God’s mighty power over Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt.

Moses’ successor Joshua, after 40 years of God’s miraculous guidance and provision in the wilderness, finally leads the Israelites to cross the Jordan and in the conquest of the nations in Canaan. After the death of these leaders another generation grew up who “knew neither the LORD nor what he’d done for Israel.” They turned away from the Lord, served the gods of other nations, resulting in both God’s judgment and redemption—through the Judges God repeatedly raised up to deliver them.

We are living in what has been called a “post Christian—post modern” world, especially in the “so called” Christian West, with it’s rich history of Reformation, Awakening & Revival. Much of this began with the Enlightenment at the beginning of the 18th century and culminated in “Higher Criticism, now called Biblical Criticism” at the turn of the 20th century, accelerating and reaching it’s zenith during my lifetime. Judeo-Christian truth & values have been under increasing attack for 2 centuries gradually infiltrating every level and sphere of society and reaching critical mass with the increasing secular takeover of ever lower levels of education. The most vile and perverted things are now being taught to our children as young as kindergarten through our public education system. We’re experiencing the “slippery slope” of Romans 1.

At the same time the Church of Jesus Christ has been increasingly marginalized and made irrelevant as it has failed to truly live out the radical call and power of the gospel leading with religion devoid of the presence and power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We’ve become increasingly formal, religious and institutional.

However, as I’ve said before, in spite of the challenge on truth and absolutes, the moral and ethical slippage we’re experiencing and the collapse of culture, I sincerely believe our best days are ahead. If we will truly inculcate and live out the life message of the Gospel of God’s Kingdom come through Jesus and live it in the context of Christian Community we will be the light and compass of the world and the “City on a Hill.” But this will call for radical change and commitment on our part and we may find ourselves “filling up the suffering of Christ” as have so many who’ve gone before us and on whose shoulders we stand.

Now to a quick update of recent ministry. Thank you very much for your prayers and support.

At the end of May I joined a group in Bakersfield for a day and a half worshipping and praying together for California and seeking God’s strategies for the next few months – both for California and a specific Global prayer initiative that’s taking place in Bali, Indonesia in November. I’ve been assisting Fred & Sue Rowe network and communicate with global (prayer) leaders and intercessors for that event. (Same group I met at Sutter’s Mill in April)

The past few weeks have been busy and blessed. We’ve now completed 5 months prayer walking Santa Paula and it has been a terrific adventure to work with Pastor Adelita Garza, Puente de Vida and the other pastors and churches. It’s not been without its challenges and before the last prayer walk we met with Adelita and several of her leaders for a time of prayer and encouragement. As they shared there were a lot of tears and we were all deeply touched by the sacrifice they’re making as they’ve taken the initiative for this Outreach to Santa Paula.

Our June Prayer Walk met at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church for worship & prayer—a stretch for some Hispanic & Evangelical people—but God was present, the worship was inspiring and people prayed deep prayers of repentance and reconciliation for the division that exist in the Body of Christ. Very encouraging!

June 19th I met with a different group of California leaders & intercessors at a church in Northridge for “Awake California.” This was organized by Dai Sup Han, Prayer Surge Now & California for Jesus. Pastor Netz Gomez has a vision to raise up 100 Houses of Prayer throughout the state. Dai Sup asked me to share about and lead in a time of prayer for reconciliation. Bob Wolff shared from his book, “Awakening the One New Man,” and prayed for reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles. Gaylord Enns shared from his book, “Love Revolution,” and others shared different prayer efforts and strategies that are being employed throughout the State. Awesome time!

Last Friday I met with the Eagles Nest group in Ojai that is helping to organize and network houses of prayer in each city in Ventura County. In May I, along with the SV Praying Pastors, initiated a monthly “Prayer Awakening” for the Church in Simi Valley. We’ve met three times now and we’ve had a respectable turnout and sense that something significant is beginning to build. Tim Logerquist came to our first meeting and share a vision the Lord had given him for Revival in Simi Valley. I continue to assist Liliana with the “Love Israel—Prayer for Israel & the Diaspora” gatherings the first Monday of each month at Jacob’s Ladder in Ventura.

Last Saturday our Reconciliation Tribe met with Gabriel & Laura Ward from the Torres Martinez REZ near Indio. They were part of the Reconciliation in the City event in Riverside last year and felt they were to organize a similar event for the First Nations Tribes in SoCal October 31—November 3, 2012. We gathered at Lynn Heatley’s house in Chino Hills to worship, pray and plan.

In addition I’ve been working with Pastors Matti Perttula, Joel Perttula & Shawn Moir at CLC, Origen (Post Modern) & Chazon (Messianic Church Plant) as well as planning and preparing for the 50thAnniversary Celebration this Sunday – July 15th. I think it will be a good day.

With all the expansion and new opportunities in ministry come increasing financial demands and I continue to face challenges. I appreciate your prayers. Summer tends to be a meager time—if you can help at this time I will be deeply grateful and more people will receive ministry. Your continued prayer, encouragement and support are so appreciated!!

Yours in His Shalom,

Ron Archer
North American Coordinator
International Reconciliation Coalition
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  1. I echo your belief that the best days for the church in America could lie ahead as we face some of the greatest chalenges. God gives grace where sin abounds, grace here meaning His empowering divine favor to meet the challenge. However every aspect of the church in America that is in alignment with anything other than the Kingdom of God will increasingly be exposed as powerless to counter the pressing tide. Every plant not planted by God will eventually be uprooted. Not a pleasant picture or experience for those who are aligned improperly. Judgment always begins with the House of God. Christianity has enjoyed a long season of sharing power with the US Government but as the power systems move away from “a form of Godliness” soon the favor will shift away from the Americanized church. Believers will be challenged to live in more dependance on God’s power but may find themselves oppressed by the Government.

    Thanks Ron for sharing your thoughts and heart.

  2. Lura Olander Soaring Eagles Ministries

    Thank you for your updates and yes, I so agree with your comments on the position and condition of both our country and it’s society and the church’s condition. But as in the days of ancient Israel, God used a remnant of both Prophets and followers to change nations and I believe that He can and will do the same things again in our time if we allow Him to guide us and if we are willing to follow and obey Hi commandments.
    Lura Olander

  3. Hi Ron, I’ve been trying to contact you. Its been a while, but I feel the timing has come for me to enter in. Hoping we could meet at CLC Simi or somewhere?Camarillo?
    Rochelle Little Rock of the Chemehuevi Tribe Havasu Lake Calif.

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